Monday, June 8, 2009

Does endurance and pain handling increase with age?

I was doing a large and hard hike past week near Denia, the peak of the Montgo, basically a 750m vertical hike. The last hour of the 5 hour trek is quite demanding and I was suffering also as my stomach was empty and I was running low on sugar. It went through my mind about if it is true that with age we have more capacity to handle pain and if really our endurance increases. I was thinking how much I could walk and walk when I was on my 20s and how much I would be looking forward to more. I also though that I was more looking forward at this point about achieving something or handling the challenge than the activity on its won

I share this idea with our friend Scott which shared with me that his father did believe in training young people to handle suffering and how he can endure lots of pain and suffering at this point, more than he could handle when he was young

You may be thinking why this is relevant? The answer is that I was trying to think if when getting older we look for choices at work that avoid pain (which means avoiding risks and getting comfortable with status quo). My answer was if we believe that challenges still bring happiness to our live then we will handle pain as much as need it. But how many of us do still feel like challenging themselves? I do!! :-)

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