Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Very good blog post from TechCrunch: How much money can free apps make (out of advertising)?

Please take a look at the little summary and go straight into the TechCrunch post

Really good analysis and take a look at the 8 slides presentation (more than worth it)

Earlier this year Pinch Media released a report on the state of the App Store, describing some of the trends it had seen as developers tried to monetize their apps. The verdict: advertising on free applications simply can’t match the payoff from even the least expensive ‘paid’ applications, and would require an unobtainable $8.75 CPM to reach the same income per install.

AdWhirl, the iPhone advertising platform formerly known as Adrollo, begs to differ. Since launching last month, the company has signed on over 10% of the top 50 applications in the App Store and is serving 250 million ad impressions per month. And their data tells a different tale.

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