Monday, June 8, 2009

The difference between leaders and managers.... for your reading pleasure (Seth Godin´s Tribes), a recommendation from my CTO

I got an email from my CTO Pedro Domingues that promises to talk about the difference between leaders and managers. The reference comes from a blog entry from Nati Shalom´s blog
Link to Nati Shalon blog post on Seth Godin tribes' book

Nati refers about the book tribes, from Seth Godin.
SETH is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change. Godin is author of six books that have been bestsellers around the world and changed the way people think about marketing, change and work. Godin latest book (and the reason for Nati to write his post is "Tribes, we need you to lead us"
Also I find his blog quite provocative
Link to Seth Godin blog

I have not read the book yet but I am going to after reading the summary and quotes on (How much has change they way we handle book reading? an interesting question for another blog, isn´t it?) and also on Nati's post which leaves you with some pearls. Here are some of them but click on the link about to Nati´s blog and take some time to read. Really right on the spot on my opinion

"Management is about manipulating resources to get a known job done,..leadership is about creating a change that you believe in.Movement have leaders and movement makes things happen. Leaders have followers Managers have employees. Managers makes widgets. Leaders make change"

"Leaders use passion and ideas to lead people, as appose to using threats and Bureaucracy to manage them"

"Change isn't made by asking permission. Change is made by asking forgiveness, later"

Men I would love to have more time and more spare attention to do some reading (at the moment I am reading a great book by Andrew Mango "The Turks Today", fascinating)

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