Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looking at the future: evolution vs. revolution (part 3)

The next day, on the 16th of September we had the opportunity of receiving more speakers of our industry, in a session that turned into a fruitful debate. Manel Bruscas (linkedin, and Ignasi Elias from Fav 24, a a-la-carte content provider (news, comics, etc.) commented on their company and left open the question if advertising budgets are going to be able to support several of today’s internet and mobile business models and a quote from Manel that I really like "we sell special moments on your mobile".

Also attendees to the session were Guillermo de Haro, Instituto de Empresa professor and writer (linkedin,, as well as Gonzalo Martín, professional of the audiovisual industry and blogger (, explained us their current vision of the market. User Generated Content and monetization was one of the main topics that were addressed. Their suggestion was to try jump over the operators to directly serve end users and offer services that can be monetized and offer value to customers.

These sessions have been useful to give mmChannel team an outsider view of the market on how different experts, specialists in different fields, see the market evolving and how they interpret the latest changes and moves in the industry.

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