Monday, September 29, 2008

Impact on the mobile market: apple vs. Rim or iPhone vs. blackberry

I was driving to Oviedo, Spain past friday to spend the weekend playing with some old Vodafone Czech Republic friends with Lutfu Kitapci (
He mentioned on the car that he could not believe I have deleted my past posts about the iphone (which as you know I have not been a fan and still am not) and my doubts by then on its success
It is clear that Apple and Mr. Jobs have managed to fulfill the initial sales objectives but on my opinion the jury is still waiting as apple biggest challenge is to manage to start launching others models or updated/upgrades on the existing model (in fact apple has many issues currently with is 3g model)

My claim to Lutfu was that I believe Blackberry to name one company I admire and respect on teh mobile space has had a much greater impact on the mobile space, creating a category that did not exist until blackberry was born (email), changing the way people interact with their devices, and evolving both in terms of product portfolio but even more impressevely their handset portfolio (eg. how their pearl device has tapped into the residential market and the female segment). And even with all the marketing, PR and the amazing press coverage and people feeling of uniqueness on the market, RIM with its heavyweight BlackBerry maintain its share on the smartphone market (e.g. 39 percent over 20 percent on Q4 07). IN 08, while apple was chasing its 10 Mio sales over the year (see graph below), RIM has already sold around 11 Mio by the end of the second quarter with 6,9 Mio sales in Q2 alone

However Apple is true has made the other handset vendors accelerate (dramatically) the development of touch screen devices and has also have a large impact (so far) on how people browse using their devices. Furthermore there is evidence that it will reach its 10 Mio sales objective in 08, which is on its own an achievement

To end this post, a little comparison the team of Xataka Movil did on the iPhone vs. BB Bold. It is a very good review although only in Spanish (sorry!!). Although you would think that iPhone and apple prove their point here, it is remarkable how RIM has created a iPhone like device but with the connectivity and Qwerty keyboard necessary for its target segment

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