Thursday, August 28, 2008

Open questions to enhance our vision

As part of our vision and 24 months roadmap development we are engaging guru, clients, VAS/Mobile TV/IPTV/Satellite and other Telco & Media experts into different workshops, Q&A sessions, brown bag lunches, etc..

Also I have been fairly active in different internet dedicated forums posting questions and trying to engage with the larger virtual community

Wanted to paste here the questions I did paste on some of the forums for the readers interest and happy to get comments also over this forum:

One on Linkedin answers section

Future of operators VAS branded portals

Mobile operators (and some fixed and broadband operators) seem to be adopting more and more an open off portal strategy, Why will they leave all the revenues and branding opportunities to B2C players such as Buengiorno, Zed and others.
Could mobile operators branded portals still have a future leadership role?If what are the key success factors? and which business models could emerge in the near future?
Got some good answers so I invite you to read them

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