Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our role in the indsutry

As part of a large RFP we were invited to describe our role in the industry. It has been an interesting exercise to put in words what we have been talking about for a long time. Here you have it

mmCHANNEL Role in the Industry

It is somehow difficult for people to think that a company of mmCHANNEL size can have an impact on the industry, but first; in which industry does one have or aspired to have an impact? It is true that most of mmCHANNEL’s clients are mobile and fixed lines operators; it is also true that mmCHANNEL has had an impact in the Telco industry. Nevertheless, for the end user accessing our entertainment services it’s transparent and ubiquitous as a way of being entertained. In addition, the dynamic trend to replace old devices, such as walkman for newer versions of MP3 and smarter phones is also having an impact in the ‘time-less-ness’ consumption of entertainment and media types.

The role mmCHANNEL aspires to in the Telco industry is to demonstrate that innovation and customer service can become a powerful value proposition and that our ideas can contribute both in terms of ideation and effecting service for our clients. Our belief explores business models that may scare other players in the industry but dare to find a mutual win/win business proposition that works. Our belief also extends to the device, in creating democratic ways to provide entertainment on any device that is “good” enough to have a compelling user experience, regardless of the type of content. With regard to some organisations in our industry that deliver monopoly software / hardware with proprietary standards, our approach differs by opening up entertainment to all strata of the socioeconomic peering.


  1. OLÉ!!!

    When I read this, i feel that working for mmCHANNEL is amazing. Congratulations!

  2. pues a ver cuando te vienes a trabajar aqui y dejas el corporate world !!!!

    A ver cuando comemos, tercera semana de septiembre tengo la agenda (por ahora) bien