Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A small personal reflection….

…after reading a short, provocative on its simplicity but full of small tips to make you think about life. The book is called “el libro amarillo” (The yellow book) and it is written by Albert Espinosa, a catalan writer, theater director and script writer and actor which did suffer cancer for over 10 years on his youth (from age 14 until 24) and did learn a thing or two in the process

Some of this thoughts and sentences (translated into English)
- Make 5 good questions a day
- If you believe in dreams, dreams will believe
- Yellow (the main topic of his book, the people he calls yellow, which he tackles in the last part of the book) – Special person in our life that we carass, hug and that we sleep (and this word is open from the pure sleeping to other meanings) with. It marks our life and does not need our time dedication or maintenance. There are 23 in our life. Our conversations with them makes them better as people and let us discover our weaknesses. There are the new link of friendship
- Find your point of no return (trick for never getting pissed off)
- Talk naturally about your end (on losing fear to our own death)
- Whatever you hide the most will reveal the most about you

Just read them and see if they make you think and reflect on your life as I have

You can find more on: (both in English and Spanish)

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