Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meeting new people

I have a great dinner at my very good friends Juan Villalobos (CMO of National Nederlanden in Spain and former CFO of ING Direct France) and his wife Sylvia Diaz Montenegro (former CTO of ING Direct Spain and an entrepaneur dedicated to make fraud and payment process more efficient with her company ydilo

We happen to meet a couple of friends that we meet at their house in the past, Andreas Kubach and his wife Patricia (who works in the media and publishing world). Andreas is the Managing Director at Pagos Marqués de Griñón and a great wine conoisseur. As usual he brought a couple of fantastic wines (see my wine blog which I will soon reference here) and we had actually an interesting discussion about the development of different initiatives around wine as an investment

Also I have the chance to meet Juergen Urbanski at the dinner. Jurgen is now one of the 2 partners leading techstrategy partners in Palo Alto and used to work for Fon and Mckinsey among others. We have a very interesting discussion about several different technology (see his blog for some topics there and also about the iPhone, quality of life in Europe, etc...

We ended up coming back home at 3 am. You have to love this dinner and conversation with friends in Spain

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