Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eight little secrets of being a good boss

Knowing the importance that Cris gives to this topic, I'd like to refer an interesting post published in 2006 in the Management issues blog, that gave me some insightful ideas on how to start professionalizing our company in an inflexion point where we had to decide to pay more attention at these things.

I mostly agreed then with the essay and I have to say that, after a couple of years, the main messages still apply:

1) You're not really their friend anymore
2) It's not your jokes they're laughing at
3) Your suspicions are right - employees are wasting time
4) Employees will accept change - if they're consulted first
5) It's not about you looking good now
6) Your team doesn't share your goals
7) Not feeling up to the task? You're not alone
8) Don't worry about having employees who don't like you - they'll just leave

Nice reading. Best

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