Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog reference

One of my team members Daniel Torres (daniel.torres@mmchannel.com) got mentioned in Rodolfo Carpintier (EBT investor as Carlos Blanco (which blog I did mention in the past))'s blog , around our company


We happen to met Rodolfo about 2 years ago almost at the time we decided to start looking for investors. We wanted to get his opinion about how attractive our company was and directions in which we could go to be a more interesting target. He suggested we should build an open source music platform. We did give some merit to the idea and discuss it among us. Also we called our good friends at OpenBravo (www.openbravo.com), Manel Sarasa and Josept Mitja CEO and COO respectively which have developed one of the most successful open source ERP product and are always a good inspiration for us) and got their opinion. At the end we kept our current strategy on product development but it was good to chat with him


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