Sunday, January 6, 2008

mmC objectives for 2008: my view

I was the other day chatting with a friend of mine (Marie Paro who is the head of alumni for Diamond Consulting) and she asked me what were our objectives for 2008. Interesting enough although we have a very solid and continuously updated business plan for both companies and we have also lots of chats with our upcoming new investor, I don´t think we have put this on paper. So I did think about it for some minutes and I did come back to her on these terms.

- to hit our first 1 Mio Eur in revenues
- to have at least one client in each of the continents (at least seeing this as Europe, MENA, Australasia, NA and Latam)
- to recruit a strong second management line behind the CxO team

There could lots of ideas here around number of customers, some diversification, etc… but at the end I believe the objectives are much more simple

- Hire talent
- Keep talent
- Nurture talent

In the meantime to make sure we keep growing as we have done in the past 24 months


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