Monday, December 24, 2007

some more baby steps and Merry X-mas

I am sitting down here in front the computer in Chicago and I did not want to let go the opportunity to send a happy holidays message from my blog (while giving my little update on things)

As I told you on my last entry we did receive the first draft from the contract and we are already on the 3rd draft, we can say it is a matter of days. Probably first or second week of January as Holidays have slowed down the different meetings, changes proposals and conf calls that we have been having in the past weeks. Amazingly enough most of the key aspects still open on the negotiation have to do of ensuring everyone will be happy (aka achieving its objectives) on positive or very positive situations. Clearly if things go wrong we all assume both that it will go wrong for all and that we will be trying everything on our hands to change the situation. As an objective beside closing the negotiation is to used this as a PR exercise with other planned events for MIDEM and 3GSM in late January and early February

Apart from that as I mentioned on my previous post we will have new people joining the development team in January (add Jordan to our nationalities’ roster ) and hope to recruit a couple more that month as there is tons of work in Q1 and Q2 and delivery will be essential to deliver our targets

Well I want to thank you all of you to be there for us. I have felt supported and appreciated from many people who read the blog and that I know through the years. These holidays are always special for us as we spend time in the US and see people and family we don´t see very often because of where we live now. It is also a time where I manage to relax and somehow (this year a little bit less than others) forget about business a bit and focus on enjoying the time and reflect about life, love, beliefs, etc.. This year also I am not seeing my parents at all as when I will be back they will be taking a trip with some family and friends to India for tourism and also to visit a fundation there (Fundacion Vicente Ferrer), which they have been supporting through the years. I will miss them but I also know they are having a great time

Merry X-mas and carpe diem
Warm regards
Un abrazo

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