Sunday, January 13, 2008

After business 2.0 has dissapeared...

In the last years every time I had the chance to buy either in London or in the US the magazine Business 2.0 I have always done it. I always found interesting articles, some decent analysis and entertaining reading.
I was already worry that the magazine may disappear since this past summer when I was reading an article online (sorry I don´t remember the source) about a website that did bets on which was going to be the next publication to go under and business 2.0 was first in line
I got lucky that still this Christmas there was available what they called "The collector's item: our final issue" which I got. But another magazine caught my eye "Inc." which did have an article in the cover about "Inside the mind of a serial CEO" (start up guy).

I found the article was very interesting and the magazine was in general very good
I guess I have found a magazine to look for when in the UK or the US

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