Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas keeps approaching but we just keep accelerating

hello again

Amazing enough I am here in bed again (it is 1 am Madrid time) and I just finished writing an email to a prospect in Asia where they are just about to start the working day there

Last week was as exciting as forecasted and also very productive (I have managed to not have to travel for the last 2 weeks and has helped to finish lots of things in the "kitchen" (company operations) while triggering lots of new business development

Negotiations keep moving and we are expecting a first draft of the final contract by Monday. So it is just a question of days. We are very excited to have our new investor on board and start working together on our very ambitious plans

Hiring has taking a lot of our time also last week. We hired our first employee in Dubai (apart from our regional head Luis Sisamon), which will be helping Luis mainly on business development and operations. 2 new developers have accepted our offers (one senior developer from Jordan (our 8th nationality) and a junior guy from Spain), we are in advanced negotiations with a senior business developer executive and we keep working on getting more talent soon

More importantly 3 prospects are moving into commercial negotiations and potentially looking at end Q1 launch or mid Q2. Product Development and requirements for release 5 are almost finished (great work from Carlos and Daniel) and will be adding an innovative layer to today´strong engine and will be part of some of those commercial launches. So can’t wait

Last but not least already planning 3GSM PR activities, attendance to Midem, having our first international board meeting (probably also in February), sent Christmas cards (225 went out already) and preparing different celebrations for Christmas (2 or 3 customers dinner/lunches, company Christmas lunch and party and management (and partners') New Year's celebration

Well I better catch up some sleep. My good friend Bruno Ducharme (former TIW's chairman) sent me the other day a press note where it stays that Spaniards sleep in average 10% less time than any other nationalities. He says I bring down the average by myself already a big chunk :-) guess I don’t need to bring it down more


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