Sunday, November 25, 2007

Exciting week ahead!!!!

I am here lying down in bed and I can’t wait for the week to start. Tons of things happening and trying to sprint before the Christmas time will reach us (which in fact is my favorite holiday and a time where I do get to relax when I visit my in laws in the US)

This week we should be able to resolve some of the pending points on our negotiation with the Venture Fund and this should be clearing up getting us ahead to close the deal before year end as schedule. But negotiations are negotiations so until both parties sake hands we have to wait

Also we should move closer to find a couple of the senior candidates for the Business Development team, publishing a new offer for a product development and marketing manager, having some follow up in Asia, Middle East and Latam, some interesting product development discussions and starting with all the Christmas duties ☺ (cards, Christmas party event preparation, etc…)

Last but not least I will have some time to catch up with some of the team’s newcomers over a cup of coffee and see how they are doing so far


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