Friday, October 26, 2007

We keep accelerating

Wow!!!!! we are already finishing the month of October. Tons of things are happening and we are moving from summer to Christmas at a speed that it is even difficult to do any thinking or reflections. A lot of things and all of them important are happening or about to happen and also we need to keep moving without any time to lose or wait for those important things to close
We have already received an initial intention letter from the venture capital fund. We are at this point in the middle of the negotiation after entering an exclusivity period with them. We don’t know where the negotiations will lead but it is obviously exciting to be involved in such exercise and although not the first time it is the one in which I believe both parties have entered with closer negotiation demands. However negotiations are negotiations and until the deal is signed both parties look to close an agreement that is both close to our own interest and capable to create an interesting growth platform for both of us
Furthermore and as I said we can’t wait for the negotiations to end to keep moving. We are continuing to develop our main product (we are finishing the requirements phase for a major release to come in Q1) and adjacent product ecosystems, we are accelerating the recruiting of several senior and passionate business development executives for different regions, we continue nurturing several contacts in different world regions and we are about to finish a year in which we are continuing to build a great growth platform

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