Monday, May 3, 2010

Some more insights on the Ipad (II) and records sales to prove me wrong again?

With the iPhone we witnessed an interesting twist on PR. Case in points was the usage of the iPhone on a completely different manner (and intensity) did start creating notable problems to mobile networks. The cases of AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK did get lots of coverage. This was mean to explain how superior was the iPhone and how people did change their usage patterns and how unprepared the industry was. While there is some truth on the latter I always wondered how efficient was the iPhone on using mobile networks and/or WIFI resources.
This come to my mind again as I read just weeks after the iPad launch about some universities were having their networks collapsing with the arrivals of the Ipads on Campus. 

While I could see the tone of the article trying again to tell us that “the next revolution was here”, I could not stop wondering why all these students already having laptops for years and all of them connected mostly through WIFI never created such a problem and now maybe a hundred Ipad was doing so. It clearly raise a question about the technical development of the IP connectivity on the Ipad (and its quality).
Certainly the fact that the Israeli government or Princeton university has banned the iPad on claims confirm my assumption that there is a technical issue on the Ipad connectivity developments.
I found this explanation note on the matter quite illustrative and interesting. It also calls for patience as it is one detail to be improve in the near future with new software patches
And also I have said so far about not liking the Ipad, you may said “hey Cristobal look at the sales figures
Well the jury is out and I still bet than the Ipad will not be even half of the success record that the iPHONE has been (which you may say it is still not bad at all)

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