Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some more insights on IPAD (I)

Before I start I want you (I am sure you are aware of if you read my blog) that I am not a huge fan of Steve Jobs and the PR around his products (and how they change industries on the supposed benefit of the end customer), even if I recognized its overall quality product portfolio and have some used some of them (mainly its laptops) in the past.
This week while in the US I have bought an iPad as a request from a friend of mine which gave me a very good excuse to try the product extensively on the store (furthermore I will ask him to write an extensive review for me to publish here). Once more I was drawn to my initial conclusion. It is an expensive toy for browsing. I don’t believe it is seen as a tablet at all but just a browser and viewer. It is just a complement and not a supplement by all means.

It is a large iPhone (So the big question is if you need another bigger one? –if you already have an iPhone. AS a pure media consumption device),

where it can’t really replaced the usage of laptops (case in point they are already trying to sell the complementary keyboard (at a nice premium as usual is the case with all apple accessories), lacking external connectivity by all means (not even a USB port), it is not a light product and it is expensive as it just add to the bill not replacing any other purchase. And it keeps the idea on not having a method to replace the battery or carry an external one. On the positive note I did like the virtual keyboard on the screen (but it takes then half of the screen space) and the image quality is very good.
In my opinion, a MacAir with a tablet functionality while maintaining its current weight is much more of a “killer” product than this iPad

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