Sunday, April 18, 2010

New duties, modernization and rumours

Part of my duties during my first 90 days is apart from familiarizing with the team, our main issues and defining and sharing a vision is to get together to our main vendors and discussing with others on opportunities to modernize and upgrade our infrastructure

One of the key areas (as even today Network is the main driver of CAPEX and one of the largest OPEX drivers) is the network, where also the strong efforts from Chinese vendors to enter Europe and NA has created a new wave of competition and opportunities for Mobile Operators. I took te opportunity not only to do so at the local/regional level but also at the HQ level by meeting them in Barcelona during the past WMC (Feb. 2010)

Interesting to note how Mr. Juris Kaza, by far the most active and well informed blogger on the Baltics' Telco space, makes a note of this and his understanding / reading of the rumors (which we officially commented with our position as of Today)

Juris Kaza on Bite Network Upgrade"

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