Sunday, October 25, 2009

Very interesting "10 skills leaders may have to thrill on the crisis" from Eduardo Navarro

I just have the opportunity to read an article (better said an excerpt from a book), of Eduardo Navarro, socio director (managing partner) of Improven (LINKEDIN: a firm focused on helping companies on crisis situations. He has a new book just being published

I found his 10 skills leaders may have to thrill on the crisis to be interesting and worth always a reflection for many of us leaders of small and medium companies which have been facing a very difficult overall economic environment in the past 2 years

Here you have them translated (below you have a link to Eduardo Navarro's full post (in Spanish) and his company site)
  1. Analyze the situation with some distance and accept the new reality
  2. Take great decisions firmly
  3. Focus your time and your efforts on the key issues
  4. Transmit sense of urgency: speed even above precision
  5. Be obsess about short term results, its planning and follow up
  6. Transmit "positive realism" to your team
  7. Get your team committed
  8. Go back to austerity and effort
  9. Be truthful: always tell the truth even if it is hard
  10. Never forget your corporate social responsibility

    Read the full article from Eduardo Navarro (in Spanish)

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