Friday, October 23, 2009

Interesting post coming from the UK: need for integrating the mobile channel into advertising agencies value proposition

I just got some time to read an interesting but brief article from Alex Furber (twitter alexfarber, Linkedin, from new media age that covers mobile, music and portal, on the need for advertising agencies or even online/interactive agencies to integrate a mobile offer into their value proposition and the need for integrated across all the screens campaigns.
Interesting the title of the post is Mobile agencies needs to diversify..., funny enough the ones I think really need to diversify are traditional and specially online ones

Having been this week in talks with agencies in different places such as UK, Turkey and Macedonia, I can tell you that a huge proportion of the mobile / marketing agencies even the online ones do not understand mobile and their customer needs on the mobile space

So we and our partners such as Unkasoft and Starfish do understand this need and we are investing on preaching to the chorus and walking the talk

Enjoy the excerpt and click the link for the entire article
"The issue of mobile campaigns conceived by traditional or digital agencies undermining pure-play mobile agencies is hotting up as clients increasingly demand integrated campaigns....

Read post from Alex Furber

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