Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally a bluetooth headset I am happy with - Jabra JX10 Serie II

I have tried to use many bluetooth headsets during my life. I remember being in Belgium , working with DCI on a project for Proximus in 2002 and trying some of the first bluetooth headsets for SonyEricsson. In general initially the sound was terrible and the devices huge. Then the size did improve was the quality was still not very good (and you know people don´t understand me enough already with my speed to make it even more difficult :-) I forgot about bluetooth devices for a couple of years. Then the fact that by joining mmCHANNEL I did expose myself to some of the bluetooth headsets for the mobile music (which they have never take off) and the fact that one of the key players in the industry SouthWing was founded and lead during many years by my INSEAD colleague Bart Huisken

I did then try some other models and landed into some American design companies like Jawbone, which had excellent reviews. I thought this was it. Good quality, good design but the part that tights into your ear is super fragile and keep breaking, so I ended up leaving the device (even If I still have it and I have try to find the broken part sold individually but no way (or not easy way)). However in the past some of the cheap models of Jabra did the job OK (for their value). So when I saw an offer for the Jabra JX10 Serie II, I decided to give it a try. The fact that you could pair it up to two devices at the same time (I usually carry with me two phones on at the same time), the size, the fact that it is very easy to pair it up and it robustness even being small did the trick. And I am very happy. The quality is superb (very few times people notice that I am using it and it does work better than the bluetooth in the car) and It does not bother me to have it on my ear for hours while in the office

So I am very happy and the product get a buy, buy recommendation

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