Friday, August 28, 2009

Doing some research on twitter and how it can be use as a tool for our company

during the past week I have been having several discussions with one of my guys in the team, Fran Valseca around twitter and the value for myself and for the company. He is a huge believer and also very active on twitter (

I was talking this morning that I still really not find that much value on twitter and what we can get out of it as mmCHANNEL (as an individual and a blogger maybe I can have some more readership and more instant feedback or conversations)
Fran has sent me several links to read

Read post on 5-reasons-your-company-needs-be-twitter

Read post on consejos para twitter-para-empresas (ESPAÑOL)

They were both interesting reads although still not (fully) convincing, but clearly one of the main learnings is that we have to cultivate discussions with our customers (in our case I think it is even more interesting to hear from the end users of the services we power like Simyo in Spain or Si.Mobil in Slovenia to give examples)

So will keep engaging through twitter (I like to see for example how Simyo is engaging with their customers). Just post it the same question in several social media outlets both personally and as mmCHANNEL (Which WAP portals (not Iphone or Android apps) you like or you don´t and why?) and will be doing similar exercises for learn and improve. Will let you know how it goes

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