Sunday, April 5, 2009

Presenting at Red Herring 09

Just come back from a 10 days trip that took me to 3 countries and 3 continents. I did finish the trip presenting at the Red Herring 09 TOP 100 Europe. Presentation went well but as in previous occasions you are competing for attention with 4 more companies presenting at the same time in several other rooms so attendance is not as great as you will want it. Anyway after being at several similar events we understand this and maximize the opportunity in different ways

Got into several interesting conversations with several VCs around if our growth strategy (apart from integrating with complementary companies in the near future which they all believe was a sound move on this market as a way to keep both growing and driving innovation) should part by keeping investing on emerging markets and strengthening our position there or look at the North American market in the following year

We will have follow up on such discussions soon in London
we will keep you updated

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