Sunday, March 15, 2009

what you believe as a CEO

As mentioned in the past blogs, we have been spending time with some of our partners exploring if there are ways to take our current collaboration model further, including some possible integration of company structures

While spending some time with the CEO and his team of one of those companies, he mentioned his management view "I don´t believe in technology, I believe in management" (do understand management as processes, methodology and people applying those). When this comes from a software development company the statement becomes much more powerful. As he says "there are many languages and deplyment frameworks, we can handle all, it is just a matter to put them through the "machine2

well if you add to the statement
"I don´t believe in technology, I believe in management .... and passion" you will be very close to what I would have said in a similar meeting if I was the one speaking

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