Sunday, March 22, 2009

what to write about next - need for company efficiency improvement 90 days plan

I am having difficulty writing about my next post/s
There are a lot of things about to happen within our ecosystem in all areas (existing customer, new clients, VC backing, new plans, etc...) but obviously we need to keep them within the company until they are public
This week should a key week to have them some of them finally going forward and we can share some of them with our partners and followers
In the meantime I am making a point with the management and the leaders in the different business areas that we prepare a 90 days plan around efficiency improvement (processes, methodologies and tools). I believe we are about to embark ourselves on a period of growth (well within the current extremely difficult business environment and with all the sacrifices it forces all of us around the company) and we need to make sure that we start optimizing our different business areas to cope with the growth in different ways
Tomorrow we will be discussing this at the management meeting, it is a very exciting topic and I hope we put forward some interesting and productive ideas

Keep you posted

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