Monday, March 9, 2009

Mobile Monday Awards

The Mobile Peer Awards is a Mobile Monday event that gathers representatives from all the different chapters in the world that meet together in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. These are brief summaries for all the companies that presented during this event:

Early-stage start-ups:

- Addict Digital Media: local networks that allow people to share content within certain zones
- Aka-aki Networks GmbH: let people that are around you discover your profile
- give people local access to nearby better-paid jobs
- Big in Japan: info about places to buy a product that was recognized by a previous scan
- Biolocate: system to avoid traffic jams using aggregated info by users
- Dial2do: applications to place orders through voice using the mobile phone
- Fortuno: service that allows developers and providers to create mobile services in different countries
- Mob4Hire: provide an API to allow testing in different handsets
- Orbster GmbH: games based on GPS location
- Oxynade: application to aggregate event info in local places
- Tellmewhere: service that matches people and places
- Xumii: tool to share content with your friends using the mobile phone

Emerging start-ups:

- Aradiom: development and maintenance of rich mobile applications
- Fring: real-time interactive updates on friends' activities
- Getjar Networks: mobile applications downloader
- Keynetic: requests that are controlled by motion with an intelligent user interface
- Mobintech: manufacturers of glasses to watch content in mobile phones
- Popcatcher: tool to save songs that are played on FM radio stations directly in the mobile phone
- Soonr: service that provides a personal cloud that is accesible from any place
- Unkasoft: advergaming provider that provides a tool to self-personalize a game or an application

As we can see from these summaries, there are several clear tendencies in the sphere of new mobile applications and services developers. There are several companies embracing social media and location bases services and local communities (sharing content, relating contacts that are in nearby places, etc.), as well as services based on local circumstances (ecommerce, info through UGC). On the contrary there were very few references to mobile advertising and advanced mobile content services.

We hope to announce you soon our participation in the local Mobile Monday chapter in Madrid!

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