Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brainstorming ideas around promotions and functionalities to increase usage of VAS services with our clients (MNO & MVNO)

Wanted to share with you, some of my external brainstormign help request I asked in different linkedin group I am part of:

"We keep helping our clients (mostly MNO and MVNO) not only with technology and running the day2day but with ideas.
The key question they always have is "what can we do to improve the numbers of downloads among our subscribers"?
We have run many promos, new features. etc.. in different customers but interested to hear new perspectives
The user groups (the fourth is subscribers discovery of the portal but too wide and usually non effective

Group 1) They browse on the operator portal but they don´t go to the content verticals (music or games) to download
Group 2) They did download in the past (several times and even up to 5 downloads within a week) but have not gone back to the service
Group 3) they regularly use the service (1-3 downloads a month) and we want to increase usage

Assume price is very competitive, features are "state of the art", so looking for promo or easy implementable new schemes based on experience

We have portals both in Western Europe and Emerging markets, but the later is even more of my interest

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