Sunday, February 15, 2009

MWC about to start - Some expecations and objectives to start with

We just finished getting our booth ready (pictures to come) for tomorrow and tomorrow we are getting up at 730 am to be there before 9 ready to start our very intense week

I was having dinner with the commercial and content team tonight and talking about our objectives and some of our challenges ahead on the coming 4 days. Being our first here as exhibitor (previous year we just attended and have meetings organized and set up plus last year we did organize our first DE mmCHANNEL forum). we have higher expectations including:

- Keep testing our open larger positioning on the VAS ecosystem including the launch and first products around our new mmINTERACT (UGC + communities) platform
- Discuss new business models with game providers and MNO/MVNOs around mobile/internet games including rental and advergaming
- Solidify some of our relationships at CxO level with our content providers
- Move some of our qualified leads either into proposals or contract discussions
- Create new relationships in the industry
- Take home some new ideas of what and where the industry could go
- Move some of our existing collaborations into more integrated relationships
- Have FUN

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