Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hope is the soul - A great & inspiring read from John Nesheim blog

A good friend of mine and avid reader of the blog (and inspiring on many of the comments made of some past entries) send me a very good link that I recommend for everyone working or related with startups and suffering as we all are but looking for ways to inspire, believe and succeed

A couple of very good parts:

Hope is what you must generate. You are the one person responsible for producing it. It can't be delegated.

- Hope is in the soul. It is what motivates people to take positive action in the face of fear.

- Be confident of victories. Go into customer sales calls expecting victory. Planning to try but expecting to lose is going to kill hope. This does not mean you toss out realism (yes, you might lose the sale). Rather, it means that you act with a positive attitude as you plan for winning.

Please read the whole article (and some of his other posts) they are really really good
Link to John Nesheim on Hope and startups under money crisis

And his series on managing real startups is also worth your time

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