Thursday, December 25, 2008

Simple gestures to boost employees morale

The last part of the year has been rough for all of us and although we are all excited about what is coming up, we will all of us in mmCHANNEL face a number of sacrifices
Within my management style, maintaining the morale high and making small gestures to make sure our employees feel we value them and they are an important part if not the most important part of our project is key

A good friend of mine just sent me this post from
Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the famous HBS professor and strategic management guru, called "A simple gesture to Boost Morale". Totally subscribe those thoughts.
Link to Rosabeth Moss Kanter post on simple gestures

Great Job On Sticky Notes - click to enlarge

It does remind me of my little "Great Job on" post-its that I bought last year during Christmas in Chicago and I have been using them for a year. Although some of my employees think I am very "american, I do believe most of them do like I take the time to write them and leave them on their desks after they have done a great job

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