Sunday, December 7, 2008

Inspire by my team in difficult times


  1. sharing information is a good technique to seduce people. I use that old trick with my children "I'm gonna tell you a secret"... and you can control the situation during a few minutes.

    Later, you need to be trustfully and reliable, sharing secrets and listening advices or complaints. Be prepared to take actions with your team. Both of you don't be able to ignore each other anymore.

  2. hmmm Jaime let me try to respond to you as I get the feeling I may have been misunderstood

    I don´t think the value was on sharing the information. Indeed the value was perceived in finding options beyond the obvious cost reduction = cutting heads. But on doing so and asking everyone to make sacrifices both management and employees had to engage on conversations where the level of transparency and openness was well beyond what it have been before. There was a need to share much more financial information and performance indicators where employees did have to share much more how they felt about their work, their company and their worries
    And I agree with you, there is not space for going back. Now we have to be transparent and more frank than ever and this will be an ongoing basis exercise