Monday, November 10, 2008

Mobuzz - opinions and posts from Dondado

I was reading the blog of my high school mate (jeeee 20 years ago) in La Salle Santander David Casado ( and came across the mobuzz story. Having been super busy I have not been up to date on what it seems one of the most popular blogsphere stories of the time (E. Dans, Julio Alonso, Martin V.,... all have been talking about it)

I am posting David's post (sorry it is in Spanish) as a simple but concise commentary.

Link to Dondado blog

As he says here is a bunch of guys that are doing what it takes (and in an innovative way) to save their business. Some will say that it is sad to see people asking for donations to save their business. being an entrepreneur I just see people looking for different options and creative ones when necessary to have the cash to take the business to its survival path

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