Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good news in tough market times

These days everyone is looking at ways to improve their company finances and as any other growing and venture backed company we are doing a similar exercise, which are a necessity, a virtue but always painful

In such situation it is always great to deal with some good news coming from our existing customers and implementations as well as from our BD efforts

Today good news in fact are coming from one of our oldest platform "movilaridad" which is our Vodafone Spain SMS donation platform. Today was the FAO which is the biggest regular (apart from when big disaster relief efforts happen) donation TV campaign in Spain

I was just checking how things were going today and after only 2 hours of the event they were more than 40k messages going through the platform. Fantastic!!

EDITED NOTE: at the end there has been more than 80k messages!!!!

More good news coming up this sunday night as one of our long awaited launches is happening!!!

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