Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First phone including Android launched by T-Mobile in the USA

On the 23rd of September, Google and T-Mobile, along with other partners announced the launch of the first phone including Android as operating system. Finally the vendor selected has been HTC with its model HTC Dream. It will be available since the 22nd of October by signing a 2-year contract with T-Mobile. The telephone will be available in the UK in the beginning of November. In the rest of Europe the phone will be available in 1Q2009, being the first countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands (aka T-Mobile footprint)

Android G1

Android is an open-source platform promoted by several cellular companies, involved in the Open Handset Alliance (that comprises brands such as HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung). The phone will support EDGE, 3G, WiFi and WiMax capabilities, and among its software it will include several Google applications that will be adapted for a mobile interface. Certainly it will include a Google Chrome Lite navigator.

Not being a manufacturer, Google decided not to design a phone but launch an operating system (software is more Google’s strong point) and embed it into hardware created by an external partners. Nokia (with Symbian) and other vendors that can be more tied to Windows Mobile and others. Also, after AT&T exclusivity with the iPhone, Google found the right partner in T-
Mobile. Probably Google wants to open the space to developers that will enrich Android offering. The question is, will this complicate the digital content industry to adapt the delivery to this new system, or will it facilitate the ways to access the content and create new opportunities for new content-based applications?

will be posting my thoughts in the coming days and I hope to try the device in the US in November when participating on the EuroTech where we have been selected to participate this year together with other prominent Euro Tech young companies


  1. Yo quiero probar uno, pero quizás me espere a los siguientes terminales que seguro que están mas finos que el primero de HTC.

  2. well the key i think will be if the operating system is really adding any value and if the user community starts developing applications (as done for example with facebook) which will enrich any terminal