Saturday, May 24, 2008

Evolving our reach: a full digital entertainment enabler

The summer is almost here but don't even think that we are slowing down. All the opposite, there is a lot of commercial work, new release is under way, we are about to launch to new services in Europe, the recruiting machine is bringing results......

In the meantime and I mentioned before we are about to launch our solution and service for a couple of leading MVNO in Europe. One of the effects of such commercial successes is the evolution of our offering to a complete digital entertainment suite including games and video on top of our traditional digital music offering

The challenges are multiple (apart from the technology which was already there) including pricing, service levels, content management and more but it does allow us to become more attractive mainly for service providers that because of size or strategy one a vendor to offer them all content verticals

More to come.....

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