Sunday, April 13, 2008

People is your legacy

I spent this past weekend with my friend (and his family) and former colleague of mine Ignacio (Nacho) Arrizabalaga.
Nacho and I have been friends for many years and in fact he was kind of my mentor until my MBA so to say. Life reserves you a lot of surprises and at some point there was an opportunity for him to join my team in Prague and he did. He took the risk to jump into a complete new sector (he used to work in manufacturing and FMCG) and also to take a position junior to his experience. But I think the risk paid off and 3 years later he took several director roles after I left Oskar/Vodafone and recently he joined a regional cable operator in Spain as Director of Operations and a future CEO replacement candidate
Why I am talking about this? Well I did have an interesting conversation with one of my partners past week. There I was mentioning that my management style reflects my thoughts that people is your legacy. Nothing makes me happier and prouder that seeing how Nacho did evolve when I left Oskar/Vodafone, how 3 or 4 people in my team have been promoted to manager and/or director afterwards and clearly they have taken something of you and your style with them. And I hope to see similar things in mmCHANNEL people in the future, that is the results of investing on coaching people and letting them take into responsibilities little by little

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