Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today is the day!!!!

well today is the day and it has finally arrived. After a process that with the VC fund we are going to sign has taken over 9 months (our baby!!) tomorrow we will be signing the entry of the VC on our shareholding structure and a round of financing of significant size divided in 3 stages with milestones
The last 2 months have been specially difficult, seeing that we were almost there but not managing to close it. It has helped the management team to stick even more together and also to get to know our new partners even better which will help on our future relationship. It has also taken a toll on our personal lifes both in terms of dedication (we have been working sometimes 20 hours days between office and working from home) and also the stress level we have been under. In fact I think I should write a bit about work life balance in the coming blogs
well wait here for more details in 24-48 hours but we start an even more exciting time on our companies
thank you all for being there!!!

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