Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Increasing the speed

I am at the airport at this moment as I have been in London the last 36 hours doing different business development efforts. I am looking at the horizon and reflecting over the past hours’ meetings and discussions. It is amazing the amount of ideas and opportunities surrounding our business. And that’s why one frustration comes to my mind: lack of speed. I guess this is why we are talking to VCs, because our self-financing structure has allowed us to get where we are and to continue walking in the right direction, but we need to go faster, we need to run

Not only that; having achieved the ambitious sales and development targets we defined and demanded for the past 6 months, we need to keep pushing the machine, take us out of a possible future comfort zone. We are certainly not there yet, but I know perfectly that managing 3-6 more sales and implementing them in the coming 6 months is something that this company and this team can manage and do. We want to go to places where we will feel insecure, where the amazing quality of this management team will be put at test, but I know we will make it and when we will we will be playing the Champions

It is amazing to be present at our management product and market development brainstorming sessions, where we can clearly articulate where the digital music can go and how we can help a number of players to be the winners on those markets. There are so many opportunities out there that are not being grabbed yet and that we can’t do it alone because at the end this is a B2C role to be played in many countries. However we are very certain that for those who will run with us, with our technology, marketing capabilities and energy push, there will be tons of benefits. For the consumers, for our customers and for us

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