Saturday, January 20, 2007

The entrepreneur roller coaster and today’s important milestone

There is something that passes through my head almost on a daily basis when I compare my past experiences in consulting and in management at Telco with my current management and entrepreneur role at the mmC Group and is the speed and amount of up and downs that a single day brings you. I called this the entrepreneur rollercoaster.

Let me explain this a little bit further. We are so involved of everything that happens, having every single event a huge importance (or you feel it does at that particular moment of time) that you experience a lot of emotions/feelings from tons of small things that naturally happen all the time in such a dynamic company as ours. However this effect, which sounds amazing happens both ways making each positive event a “celebration” and every negative one a “funeral”. From getting an email back from a contact you have been after for days, from receiving an email from a potential customer saying that they are not interested on talking to you further at this time, from a potential recruit showing interest on joining us to a notification from the bank that the require more financial information before approving the next purchase of hardware. The fun and amazing part of it is that all those things can happen within half an hour of every given day.

In contrast when doing consulting you may have a win or a good presentation every 2/3 weeks at the most and it also applies (if not even longer periods) to my work at Vodafone.

Nevertheless what we celebrated (while working very hard to be ready for Monday) was not a small thing. In fact going back to one of my previous postings, it was one of these milestones that you remember along the way to the Champions. On Monday all our employees will be coming to a new location. For the 3rd time in 3.5 years we are moving to a new location but what a move this is!. We have invested an important amount of money on both premises and furniture to make our “stadium” Champions League compliant. And the feeling of achievement/accomplishment is amazing and it is difficult to describe with words. But I can tell you that you could feel the management energy today in the air, the feeling that one more time we have exceed it our expectations and that the future is bright if we keep working as hard and united as we have in the past 12 months

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