Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bite Lietuva: Fastest Lithuanian Mobile Internet gets 3 times faster!!!

Yes we are! Yesterday it was Latvia (Latvija). Today is Lithuania (Lietuva). The power of working as a Group efficiently!!!

After completing another successful stage of the network modernization project, we have tripled the speed of our mobile broadband. After this upgrade still fastest in Lithuania, Bite Lietuva's mobile internet service now is one of the fastest mobile internet connections in whole Europe.  

Bitė is the first mobile internet provider in Lithuania offering broadband mobile internet of such a speed. Tripled speed is supported in all Bitė’s 3,5 G network available in 41 towns across the country and covers more than 65 percent of population.

In the middle of September Bitė‘s maximal mobile internet speed increased from 5 Mbps till 15 Mbps and average speed reached 6 Mbps. 

From the middle of September new "Vodafone Mobile Connect" modems supporting new speed are now available at Bitė’s outlets. Our customers may choose from 7,2 Mbps, or 21,6 Mbps modems. Actually all our customers, that are in 3,5 G will notice improvements on their speeds regardless of their modems. Also all our customers accessing the internet thought the smartphones will also be able to browse at faster speeds. 

What are you waiting for? Join Bite 

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