Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Usual active social media in Latvia: post translated (I)

The storms did hit Latvia and Lithuania during the past weekend so we were very busy

Today I was reading a little bit around the Latvian social media sphere (very active as usual) and the team pointed out an interesting post from Krizdabz, which I have posted his links  once before.

Link to krizdabz blog posting on navzonas

The post relates to a project / website that has just been created called  navzonas.lv, which aims to show where the coverage of mobile operator Bite is not ideal. I leave you with a translation to his article. Once more there is no need for such websites, we love to hear from our customers and to hear their feedback and complaints. On the network side you can go to Link to Bite web site area for network feedback . We can assure you we will listen and come back to you

This is a rough translation from parts of  his post

".....In the description of the Project we can read the following...........

I have created this webpage so that me and other existent or former Bite clients could report on places/spots where the coverage of the mobile operator is not really complying with promises or where there are some problems with the network, ie, „the coverage pits” /Source – navzonas.lv

The principle of the Project is quite clear, there’s a map where anyone can mark a point where there are problems with Bite network, and can check what others have marked. The goal of the Project could even be called noble. But I am a typical sceptical average Latvian and consider this Project not an honest dealing with some person’s sadness and suffering, but an example of typical black pr campaign. Mobile operators in Latvia are on a competitive warfare, therefore it’s not a surprise  that such projects appear. I just am sorry that such dirty methods are used and persons are not willing to take the responsibility for their work.

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