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IPad - Who are you looking for? I don't think you know (II)- A netbook?

If Mr. Jobs is going to insist that netbooks suck (Steve just remember there were 33 Million Netbooks sold in 2009, so I hope you are going o beat that eyes close) and iPads are better, you can't seriously expect people not to test that claim by comparing the two. You let's try on my side
I like how Adam Turner's on his column "Gadgets on the go" at the Sydney Herald Tribune put it
"...If I'm going to spend north of AU$650 (aka 500 USD, 400 Eur) on any product, I think I'm entitled to ask how it fits into my current computing environment. If I already own a smartphone and a desktop/notebook, I think I'm entitled to ask what problems a third computing device will solve and how its features will overlap with the devices I already have. I'm also entitled to ask what alternatives are available and how they measure up in terms of price, performance, features and usability...." I really love his assessment and I can most agree with all his points. Well Done Adam

So which needs are the ones that netbooks have tried to cover / satisfy? The segment of the market where surfing, reading, game playing and emailing dominate the usage model at a very affordable price and very easy to carry with you device

So why I think at least this version of the Ipad misses the point as an netbook

- Lack of Flash - For 400 Eur Mr Jobs and his boys have not been able to incorporate flash into their browser, have you folks realized that today you basically use Flash every single time you browse, Heavy Facebook users won't look so kindly on the iPad over a netbook once they realise the impact of losing Flash.
To spend that kind of money, the iPad has to be better than the iPhone - not just bigger. When previous Apple launches did put together a winner hardware / software combination, this time he is just creating another screen (bigger one) for the App Store

- Lack of powerful OS: I won't be the one saying the windows rurles but remember the Ipad does not carry a MAC OS, don't even dream you MAc LAptop user (and I am a very happy owner of a Mac Pro (formerly) and a Mac Air) will be able to do what you wanted. Just go to i-tunes :-)
So you can't really multitask. Do you imagine a young fella these days just doing one task for longer than 10 minutes? I don't. Remember how early netbooks where a real problem to people as they were SSD-equipped Linux-based netbooks ( they wouldn't run the apps that their larger, Windows-based notebooks would)
On the same note the device lacks a camera, so clearly Steve is not looking at today's netbook users generation

- Lack of Keyboard (physical)- Can you really type while surfing with this device on your lap - As my friend Jorge Mtnez. Arroyo did put it "...not being a "freaky" I really find it pretty useful for home for all family and at a reasonable price..., and that is what reallly matters...It makes internet really enjoyable to all". Well let's see how much you find the internet enjoyable (not your kids) when you don't have a physical keyboard and you sit with your computer on your lap (which is how I used my Air when in bed or the sofa, aka 80% of the time I am using my small laptop at home)

- Price - this is pure math, Ipad at 16 GB is 499 USD and at 32 USD will be at 599 USD, in average between 100-200 USD more expensive. Still here is where maybe the premium is not hard, well I mean is there is something beyond being cool that justifies that premium. So far I don't see it, but hey I got it wrong with the iPhone

Other points Mr. Jobs did use on this criticism (and praise for his Ipad) such as the screen,
,which yes it looks super sexy but as Mr. Tony Smith puts on his blog on Reg Hardware objectively iPad's 1024 x 768 display isn't so very much more spacious that a netbook's 1024 x 600 screen or the speed (Jobs "... netbooks are slow.."). In terms of the speed, yes the HDD processors are slow (and in fact more prone to data loss) so the SDD seems as a great alternative until SSD options max out with a measly 16GB of storage space… 1/10th of what is available for a netbook with a HDD

Ipad will kill the netbook - Veredict - Not your target either Mr. Jobs, even if you may convert some of those users as they earn more money and they get a nice laptop and want to have a 3rd screen to play with

Some other options on this matter that I did read and assess for this post:

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