Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reflections on the year that went by and welcome 2010

Clearly, it has not been an easy year for anybody. The truth is that everyone of us has had a rough year, but when you look around the team and see what we have managed to achieve during the year and how exciting 2010 looks like, we can all say we have put in a good years’ hard work.

2009 brought us some new faces, but also we said goodbye to some good people who went on different paths having been instrumental on our company development in the last years. It has been very exciting to land in South Africa and we have become almost locals now. And what can we say about our eagles flying high in Albania? And Slovenia, Turkey, Spain… And let’s not forget that we have strengthened our alliances and made some new partnerships: UK, Spain, Macedonia, South Africa, …

2010? More of South Africa, Mobile Social Media, building interactions on web & mobile, open APIs, advergaming and applications, 3D Goals and football-related content all over the place and new countries to discover and explore. What could Nigeria, UK, Macedonia or USA have in common in 2010? Maybe that mmCHANNEL will make its mark there this coming year? We all hope so!

In the meantime and more importantly we wish health, happiness and joy for you and your families and success and excitement to you and your organizations. We thank you for being there for us in 2009 and we trust that mmCHANNEL will be present one way or another on your horizon next year.

Happy New Year and welcome 2010!!! We can’t wait for you to start working this year

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