Friday, November 20, 2009

Sad things happen when you see what is considered innovation (From Enrique Dans blog on "Promusicae y el uso del dinero público")

Many of you may or may not know that there a number of options by the State in Spain to have access to public funding for innovative projects
In the past we have been trying to obtain such help and we have been finally lucky on obtaining some help
However it is amazing to see that on the "Plan Avanza", probably the most ambitious of the plans launched by the goverment, in which we invested quite a bit of time and resources to submit our application and were turned down because we were not innovative
When I read Enrique Dans Blog and see that a public association has gotten 1 Million Eur to develop a solution that mmCHANNEL and another handful of companies in Spain already have and that adds no value to the end user, one wonders
"Promusicae y el uso del dinero público". Si, el Estado es muy "sensible" a los lobbies de poder

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