Friday, September 25, 2009

Has vodafone finally got it right in the content arena: Vodafone 360

Yesterday the whole TMT and overall business press was full of coverage of Vodafone's launch of the 360 strategy and related products

A lot of the coverage was more targeted towards the LiMo (Linux Mobile) handset launch with integrated products, but through our different clients in the Vodafone World, we have been exposed to the real service, and there are a lot of things that I like about the product

To complement the launch, this moments marks also the movement from Vodafone Live to MyWeb (both for mobile and pc/WEB), which is also a huge move, as Vodafone Live! has been with us for over 7 years and the world has evolved since

To summarize the 360 product, we are talking about a social media aggregator together with a universal (aggregation wise also) address book. But the address book is at the heart at the service, making the always requested but never really well implemented address book backup already an issue of the past. The address book is an extension or a huge improvement of the Zyb product but it has used this acquistion to build part of the product (and justify their investment for this company)

The service is fast, good user interface (simple but attractive and user friendly) and very easy to use. The client for the address book is also easy to use and its functional value is clear as it is capable of integrating all your address book across emails, social networks and mobile phones and bring it together in one place (which you can install in many / all your devices). On top of that there are different big and small cool details to add to the bigger picture.

The big question and where the battle is for Vodafone going forward (apart from distribution of the client and handset reach but I believe they will be able to handle both) is if they will convinced users to use this address book and all its related functionalities and leave the phone own address book on the side. I believe there is one big answer to this key question: speed or how fast will the application be vs. the real time (almost) phone address book

One more really interesting feature and that shows that Vodafone is starting to "get it", the service is open to all internet users, not just Vodafone subscribers. This is a real winner. Of course Vodafone users may get specific / special perks, but this is how you start playing properly on this environment

So far, Vodafone is finally making sense of their investment on people, resources and money with 360.

More to say on MyWeb service, but that will come soon.

mmCHANNEL is already developing apps and integrated into the new MyWeb service, so the future is exciting ahead of us (Vodafone and mmCHANNEL)

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