Sunday, July 5, 2009

A visit to Smart Vilage - Cairo's Sillicon Valley

Last week I had the chance while in Cairo to visit when it has become a showcase for the government in terms of a public sector lead initiative. They have good reasons to be proud of it
I have the chance to have visited similar initiatives among them Internet/Media city in Dubai and I may say that Cairo Smart village gets my biggest kudos. The place raised in the middle of the dessert is impressive, common areas and services (not just restaurants but daycare centers, gym, etc...) makes working there a very pleasant place (which in fact is one of the most lacking issues in similar developments)
Also the goverment have managed to get many of the key companies in the Technology sector to move there, furthermore themselves have moved both the ministry and the regulatory body into Smart Village. It seems definitivetly like a vibrant place.

The only issue is that coming in and out of Cairo is a long way and could become a nightmare on certain hours. A lot of companies are aware of this and have flexible hours and also making teleworking a good option when no meetings will take place on the person's schedule. A win / win at the end out of the main problem I see on such spectacular development

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