Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mobility Made in Madrid: Developing the brand of Spain and Madrid mobile technology startups: a great initiative

During the past months a number of entrepreneurs most of the m headquarters in Madrid have been meeting in order to discuss ways to increase our brand recognition, capacity to reach customers globally, support from local MNO (Telefonica/movistar, Vodafone Spain and Orange Spain among the largest ones), etc..

Even if the summer seems to be always a lower intensity period, for small/medium companies of our side, this is not the case as the only downtime is vacation (if there is one). So after several attempts we seem to be gaining momemtum and the group is on its way to become an association and to define our branding, image and values

Companies among this group are
AquaMobile, Almira Labs, Altiria, Demtech, Kimia, mmCHANNEL, MobiGround, Netocracy, Navento, Nethalis, OperaWireless, Solaiemes, TyphonMobile, Youlynx, Zentym (...among others) and the support from CEIM and MadridMasD

The name has been defined as Mobility Made in Madrid
and here you have a first draft of the values that the most active members of the group have been able to come up with. Soon to follow will be our logo, mobile site (.mobi) and web site

“Mobility Made in Madrid: Innovative Technology in your hands”

Primary Values

• Global
• Innovation
• No limits
• Effectiveness
• Hope
• Interaction

Complementary Values
• Compromise
• Generosity
• Profitability
• Daring

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