Saturday, June 20, 2009

WOW, I did miss this reference from "Developing Telecoms Watch" past March

I was just taking a look at past post from Joe Wilcox's blog "Developing Telecoms Watch" blog, as I am following as his blog the latest speculations on Zain possible sale of its African operations. I was while doing that going to past entries, among other things taking a look at India and his views on the upcoming startups (PLease note that I have a bunch of good friends and amazing professional colleagues working at United Wireless at very senior roles). I did found this post from March 09 when I was about to speak in Istanbul
Take a look / read from Joe's blog and funny how he shares with us that we don't each other in person even if we have exchange views by email or social media outlets many times "...As shares with us, we don't know each other in person but
I was pleased to see confirmation that those to whom I handed over the task of organising this year's annual Eurasia Com conference in Istanbul have found a speaking slot for Cristobal Alonso, Chief Commercial Officer at mmChannel, a technology company dedicated to the development and management of digital entertainment services and platforms on a B2B format.

Cristobal and I have been in contact since mid-2007 without ever having the opportunity to meet face-to-face. This is a shame for me given how much he has to share about boosting the take-up of mobile value-added services..."

Within this post there is also a reference to mmC Group consultants' blog on African MVNO opportunities
Read more on Joe's blog

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